Friday, March 7, 2008


Arrived back in Anchorage on Monday evening. Leaving Chicago was easy - rain was turning into sleet as I topped off the tank on the rental car before returning it. The snow would be better in Anchorage, I was sure.

Instead, I was met with 40 degree temps and rain puddling on the ice-covered bike paths. I rode into work Tuesday anyway, jumping back on the bike and back into what could be a busy spring at work.

Two weeks ago I was taking a last stroll near the hotel. Looking at a fountain I hadn't noticed yet. Watching as vendors swept litter from the cobbles. Still taking it all in. Not ready to leave but knowing I couldn't stay any longer.

It re-sparked my desire to just ditch all plans I may have, convince Jon to quit work and buy a couple one-way tickets to Europe. One piece of luggage each and a train schedule along with some walking shoes. Isn't that what I should be doing with my life? I mean, why should our 40s be spent working all the time, saving for a few weeks of biking or traveling in some exotic location each year when we could just drop out for a year or more and see the world while we're young and healthy?

Maybe it's just the breakup talking, because it sure can be tough to be a cyclist in Anchorage this time of year. And it is about time for my spring fever to check in with me. I'll get through the season; but I can't promise I'll be here for the next one. This planet is just way too big to ignore. I just want to jump in.

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