Friday, March 28, 2008

ski portage

Went for a ski with my friend Jo-Ann today. I'd heard from Jon that the conditions were perfect at Portage Lake when he was there two days ago, so Jo-Ann & I took off just before noon.

Sunny skies; no wind; crusty snow with an inch or so of fines. We were the only skiers on the lake.

Toward the north side of the lake, drifts covered small bergs that were trapped in the ice below. They made moguls on an otherwise level surface.

The glacier didn't come into view until we were more than halfway across the lake, its blue-tinted ice covered in spring snow.

We were not alone in wanting to cross the lake.

In the city and on the calendar, it's spring. On the trails and on the lake, it's still winter, but melting.

I don't spend much time on my skis, but they were the right mode of travel today.

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