Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I see polar bears

I see shapes in clouds. In leaning, intertwined twigs. In snow-covered branches. I see a polar bear sniffing her cub.

I don't know what that means, but I wish it meant I was more creative. Maybe it means I'm a dreamer or that I see in people what others don't; in someone's actions; in the world around me. Maybe I'm an optimist who sees the potential in a shifting shape. Its ability to delight as it morphs from one form to the next like a Trickster. What form will it possess next?

Jon and I rang in 2008 on the multi-use trail above the Hillside Trailhead. Watching fireworks sent into the night by area residents, we were half-way into our bike ride when we stopped to watch the skies light up. A snack of chocolate to take us back across the park to home, then a glass of Port to welcome the year. Stood in the kitchen and wondered when we decided 20 degrees was perfect.

Today, while doing chores, I noticed the blue sky out the window so we took off for a hike. Only a few other cars at the Gorge Trailhead (you'll have to ask me where it is). We hiked into the state park on a somewhat trampled route, finishing our loop as the skies once again became dark. Not many days when we can get out during the daylight and explore. Lately, seems I always have a headlamp. But, we're on the upswing. Today, Anchorage gained two minutes of light. I'll count the minutes until I'm once again on a trail at midnight, sans headlamp.

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