Wednesday, November 14, 2007


So, here was the scene in October as we checked in at the kiosk at the Ted airport:
We got in line at the self check-in. Placed the bike boxes - yes, standard cardboard boxes - on the scale.

Attendant: are these bikes?
me: yes, or you could say fitness equipment :-)
jon: kinetic sculpture :-)
End of conversation. I see Jon is holding his credit card in hand, awaiting the ding of the airline fee. Then, she attaches the baggage stickers, shows us where to sign, then directs us to the TSA oversize check in. Hmm. We take the bikes to the TSA guy and he asks a couple questions, then pushes them through a door. Done.

We start walking toward our gate, prepared to go through security to wait for our flight to board. Wow, we both are looking at each other, we just saved $100! That's a good way to start a vacation.

Thanks, airline gal for being so nice.
Hope you don't get into trouble.

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