Tuesday, September 25, 2007

commuting hazards

The past week was a good one for bike commuting. Despite some misting rain, I managed to ride to & from work several times. The most aggravating part of commuting is when we're riding on the multi-use path along everyone's favorite: Late Otis Parkway.

Several schools line the route and one evening riding home with Jon we noticed cars leaving one of the parking lots. We slowed and watched, looking for that moment of recognition. The first car slowed and pulled across the path and into the street without a glance. Right behind it, another. Then we were at the intersection.

The next car's driver rolled right into the pathway intersection and I pulled in front of her, swerving close to the street (not a smart move, I admit). Jon, on the other hand, aimed for the driver's door and stopped just short of hitting it - an intentional move designed to get the attention of a driver who is being... well... inattentive.

Cars began to stack up behind her as she powered down her window and said to Jon: "I know, I know."

Yep. They all know it's not good to hit a cyclist. It's not good to drive through an intersection without stopping and looking both ways. It's not even legal!

I was lucky all I got was a hit of adrenaline for my move. I've had a few close calls but I'm usually Little Miss Safety First. I promise from here on out to be even more careful. And I wish all the people one my route would promise that as well.

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